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Why Liftery?

While the number of women entering the workforce is greater than the number of men, fewer than 10% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. Why this gap? There’s no dialogue with young women to prepare them for upcoming life choices. There’s little support for new moms in retaining their skills and connections. There’s no education to help partners align with sharing household and parenting responsibilities. Corporate and government policies are lackluster. As it stands, a woman with a flourishing career and great potential needs to start over after taking 2 or 3 years off for children.

Liftery is our solution — bringing innovation throughout the whole journey of parenthood, from planning through pregnancy and child-rearing. We bring support to young adults, parents-to-be, parents, and corporate managers. And we partner with organizations and companies worldwide to change culture, policies, and processes.

Our mission aligns with the United Nation’s Global Goals — SDG 5 for achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, and SDG 8 for promoting inclusive economic growth and decent work for all.

Our Team

The Liftery founding team includes members in all stages of parenthood who have balanced kids and careers in different ways. Some of us have worked throughout our parenting journeys. Others took career breaks that were longer than we’d planned… and harder to recover from than we’d anticipated. One of us is a new parent just now finding her own balance. Another is exploring her path to motherhood. All of us agree the landscape for working moms needs to change.

Ashutosh Garg

Founder and CEO, Eightfold
Liftery Founding Member

Cindy Prince Baum

Liftery Founding Member

Emily Zhang

Chief of Staff, Eightfold
Liftery Founding Member

Ishan Gupta

Senior Vice President of Operations, Tala
Liftery Founding Member

Kirthiga Reddy

CEO, Virtualness and President, Athena Tech II
Liftery Founding Member

Parul Chachra

Director of Customer Success, Innovaccer
Liftery Founding Member