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We're now Liftery!

Supportive women. Peer mentoring.
Networking. Career advice.

Want to build connections and pursue your career goals in a close-knit group of peers? Or discuss working-mom struggles and solutions with women who understand what you’re going through? Looking for tips and encouragement from other career transitioners? Or other job hunters? 

Whatever your stage, needs, or situation, there’s a Circle for you.


Liftery is partnering with Lean In to bring Lean In Circles to working moms, returners, job seekers, and women who don’t have access to a Circle in their own companies. Circles are small groups of women that meet on a regular basis for peer mentorship, skill building and inspiration. Circles typically hold monthly meetings, facilitated by a dedicated, trained group leader. In each meeting, the group discusses a different topic of relevance to Circle members.

If we don’t have a pre-defined group that works for you, let us know what you need! To be notified about new Circles as they’re created, sign up for our newsletter.

Circles typically meet once or twice a month at a pre-determined time.

Liftery is embarking on a mission to start a worldwide Circles network, with Circles for women at all stages of their careers and a special emphasis on moms and aspiring moms. Whereas many Lean In Circles are company-based, Liftery Circle members can come from any company or be in job seeking mode. Liftery Circles provide leaders who are subject experts, a safe space for discussing issues related to work and work-life integration, as well as a great opportunity for networking with women in other companies. 

Liftery makes this program available to free of charge, because we know what you’re carrying and want to provide a safe space where you can share, learn and network. In return, we ask that you commit to showing up and being present.

Click the Join Your Circle button below to see which Circles currently have open registration. Click the Sign Up button for the group you’re interested in joining, and you’ll be brought to the registration form. Once you click Submit, the Circle leader will receive your request and will be in touch with you. (Please note that our leaders are busy moms with businesses of their own, and it could take a few days before you hear from them.) 

Yes, you can join more than one! But please note that your Circle experience will be most rewarding if you are committed to attending regularly, actively participating in meetings and supporting other members! Please only join Circles where you are able to be an active participant.

Join Your Circle

Job Search Support

First meeting : October 4 at noon PST

Grow your network, discuss job search techniques, celebrate wins, and find support in a safe space with other job seeking moms. This Circle will meet online the first and third Wednesdays of each month at noon PST / 3pm EST.

Circle leader: Divya Shivaprasad, founder of BeeMarvel, and former recruiting manager at Airbnb, Netflix, Apple, and Amazon


First meeting : October 4 at 10am PST

Find support, build connections, and discuss job search strategies with other moms who have taken a 1+ year career break and are actively working on a personal rebrand and re-entry. This Circle will meet online the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Circle leader: Christine Fruehwirth, professional career and life coach specializing in career re-entry

Single Working Moms

First meeting : September

Share wins, struggles, advice and know-how in a safe space with other single moms who understand what you’re carrying. 

Circle leader: Jayna Rogers, MPH, NBC-HWC, Health and Wellness Coach and single mom to a 13 year old boy